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Founded in 2012, Charisma Partners is a leading private equity firm in China. Charisma Partners uses a research-driven, hands-on approach combined with wide-reaching entrepreneurial and industry expertise. Charisma team strives to create value through investments in companies across different stages, including early growth, late-stage growth, pre-IPO, and selective Mid-Cap buyout opportunities.

Dedicated in the broad consumer sector, Charisma’s primary investment focus includes five sectors: e-commerce platform and retail franchise, brands and super supply chains, consumer technology and corporate service, consumer and healthcare service, and cross-border eCommerce and internationalization. In addition to investing in the evolving business model and innovational consumer products and services, Charisma Partners also makes forward-looking investments in new brands, new retail, new technology and new business models; as well as to seek opportunities of “hidden Champions” with meaningful revenue and profit.

As a consumer market specialist, Charisma Partners has built a unique Charisma Growth System (CGS). Devoting relentless efforts and resources to deliver sustainable growth to its portfolios, Charisma Partners aims to create value and generate attractive returns for all of its partners.

CHARISMA the ability to attract and influence other people, is the utmost quality of leadership. Such leadership charm includes the power to motivate others, to gain insight into the future and the character that inspires greatness in people. With such Charisma power, the leader moves the whole team toward shared objectives. Charisma can help rouse team members and followers to band together in pursuit of goals. It can infuse group efforts with a sense of common-shared meaning and purpose.

A great fund manager has the power to influence and to motivate the entrepreneur to set long-term goals. Another mark of a great fund manager is the capacity building for foresight, allowing for the creation of various scenarios of alternative, planned and desired futures. The Best Leader Lives in the Future. Great fund managers share the fundamental merits with great entrepreneurs, charismatic, reliable, self-possessed, confident, the willingness to confront challenges and the ability to lead others to reach long-term goals and achieve success.

CHARISMA 感召力,价值输出,领袖魅力。感召力(charisma)亦称"领袖气质",尤指那种鼓舞人心的、能预见未来、创造奇迹的天才气质。在一个组织中,感召力是管理者改变和影响被管理者心理与行为的能力,它的最终目的是使被领导群体达到思想意识与行为准则的相对一致形成统一的群体的目标与行动。


Founded in 2012, Charisma Partners is a leading consumer-focused private equity firm in China.
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